Sir Alex

Sir Alex

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

George Best - A Tribute !!!!!!!!

George Best – Revered at Old Trafford, envied by other clubs, admired by players, fancied by the fans.  One of the Holy Trinity at Manchester United, Best- described by Bob Bishop as a genius- has shaped and been part of the glorious history of Manchester United.  His playing days came to an end before I was born, but the legend of George Best has endured the test of time. I have tried to watch the limited videos of him playing that was available and I have never been more fascinated by any player. Undoubtedly he was one of the best at that time, though I believe he was the best. For, such is the way people talk about his game that you can feel he was the greatest.  He himself had the confidence (or arrogance as some might perceive it) to say in an interview, “I actually think I was the greatest player of all time, I just didn’t play long enough at the top”!!!!  Sadly for a career that started at 17 and peaked at 22 came to a low at around 28 when he left United,  leave everyone wondering “What might have been” had he not succumbed to alcohol. The fact that he never fulfilled his genius is a scary thought considering how much he achieved without doing so. But such was his character that he never had any regrets about his career. As he himself put it in the same interview, “I was lucky I had 11 great years. It was 11 more than lot of others ever had!!!”.
Football’s first ever Superstar, “El Beatle”( nicknamed so by the Portuguese press when he singlehandedly destroyed Benfica in the European Cup) was a phenomenon who along with Sir Bobby and Denis Law gave United some glorious memories and infinite joy.  With a regret that I never lived in his era, I dedicate this to George Best, the Genius from Belfast !!!!  This weekend marks 50 years since you made your first ever appearance for Manchester United.

As they all say, Pele good, Maradona better, George BEST !!!!!!!!!!!! Indeed……..

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